At Back In Motion, we’ve embraced a brand-new modern approach to chiropractic care to ensure that our clients are well-prepared to access their full range of motion and mobility on a daily basis.

With a wide variety of services specifically designed to cover the many different sources of pain and mobility issues, you can rest assured knowing that no matter your condition, we can help.

Take a look at our services down below.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Our soft tissue treatment services are of the most common services that we have to offer. Sure, the skeletal system plays a major role in back pain, but often times, those problems can be corrected with adjustments.

From there, the rest of your pain management strategy needs to deal with the muscular system. 

Our soft tissue treatment is designed to target these areas to relieve pain and restore motion.

Cupping & Dry Needling

In recent years, cupping and dry needling have become strong allies of chiropractors and back pain specialists – and for good reason.

These intensive skin-surface treatments are designed to restore blood flow and bring oxygen-rich blood to your back muscles, ultimately eliminating pain and restoring motion.


Also referred to as electrical stimulation, this practice is performed by placing sticky electrode pads over pained areas of the body. Electrical pulses are sent through the pads to help reduce inflammation, curtailing muscle spasms, relieve pain, and nurture bone regrowth – among other uses!


Our practitioners are always learning new and better ways to assess and treat myofascial, motor control, and strength dysfunctions. Postisometric relaxation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, propriosensory, spinal stabilization, and strength & endurance protocols are all core techniques which define the minimum competencies of our practitioners.

The goal of rehabilitation is to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments so as to achieve a positive effect through the entire body.

Massage Therapy

We operate in tandem with our Licensed Massage Therapists, not only providing general relaxation for our patients but to relieve pain and tension, and provide healing. Unlike spas, our therapeutic massages are tailored to your body’s needs and personal treatment plan.

Our LMTs are experienced in a variety of techniques, focused on muscle and other soft tissues of the body. These techniques aim to treat and improve posture, relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce the development of muscular patterning, remove excess fluid retention, ease gas constipation and heartburn, and just feel great!